The digitization of money is an inevitable trend

Goldman Sachs Managing director Mathew McDermott express:

“In view of novel coronavirus pneumonia and low interest rates of central banks, the growth of demand for encrypted digital money by retail investors and institutions is inevitable. For companies, it is the right choice to provide users with digital currency at the right time to purchase, hold and use digital wallets. ”

Ray Dalio, founder of the world’s largest hedge base, Jinqiao Water Association, believes: “in my opinion, bitcoin has successfully crossed as a product of high speculation, and there is no speculation in the short term, and even has practical value in the future. The biggest problem for me is what the bitcoin actually benefits and how much demand is. ”

With the rising prices of mainstream currencies, the explosive rise in the market value of encryption assets, and the entry of large international institutions and funds, the demand for digital currency storage, mortgage lending and other services is growing. Driven by such keen market demand, we set up coindbank.

Coindbank supports users to mortgage mainstream currencies (BTC, ETH, etc.), and can also pledge bitcoin and Ethereum mining machinery to realize the integration of digital asset lending.


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